Sunday, September 23, 2012

This Simple Act of Compassion - what our world needs most.

Every Thursday morning, Dan Dewey orders 12 to 24 coffee items from the Starbucks in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He then delivers the coffee to patients and staff at the Michigan Cancer Institute (MCI). The tradition started when he took his own father to MCI for treatment. His father has since passed away, but Dan keeps the coffee, and the smiles, flowing. 

This video inspired me so very much - because, it shows... how the very littlest of things we may choose to do, may have the greatest, and most longest lasting impacts of all.  In each day, we have the opportunity to step forward and share of our spirits - this is our choice. And it doesn't have to be something super magnificent, or life changing... because, sometimes lives can be changed through such a simple act as showing our love. 

This *is* loving-kindness - and this is what our world needs most. Ask yourself, "what can I do today, to show and share my compassion and love"?