Friday, September 21, 2012

I lied, one more ~

My bucket list... just because, I was scanning my old photos and it fell out. I think this is the Universe's way of saying it's time for an update. Plus, with everything coming up - I am overwhelmed, and very much discouraged. 

So, not in any particular order - 

Do something that really terrifies me. Something fabulous, and worthy of mention in at least one or two major newspapers. I'm not looking for front page, mind you - though, certainly not the obits either. Let's just say, "I want to do something fabulous and terrifying, and newsworthy".

Buy my first book, HARDCOPY, from Barnes and Nobles bookstore... and make a big dealy-shpeel about it when I do buy it... like, "OH MY GOD, I've been looking everywhere for this book - it's been sold out *everywhere*". Maybe also call in several stupid large orders throughout town, in the hopes of getting the buzz up. I'm not above handing out books to all the homeless in DC - unless, they decide to use it as toilet paper, in which case I shall give them a copy of Twilight. (note: this used to read, WRITE my first book...)

Travel to Ben and Jerry's in Vermont, and order one of each. I think they call this the Monster sundae - I saw it once on the food channel. Whatever the name, I want to order the most amount of delicious ice cream and ice cream toppings possible to load into my bowl - because, the second and most important part, would be my famous 'ice cream' boogie dance which I would intend to dance outside whilst holding the bowl gleefully in my hands. 

Ride my bike coast to coast, preferably in a group of much more experienced and very cool riders.... because, there's much which is missed when we stay hidden locked indoors and inside of our cars traveling at 65 mph with the radio blaring. I want to *experience* every single mile... and moment. There's a race cross country that supports wounded warriors - I think that is the one I shall do.. 

Take the kids to Hawaii, so that they may experience why this place is so very special to me. Watch them play in the waves, and swim with the sea turtles. Hawaii is always home to me. I want my kids to have a home there, too. 

See the Grand Canyon... just because. But I wouldn't get too close to the edge, because.. I have an 'edge' thing. Not really a fear of heights, just edges. 

Be on TV - not just a random in the crowd shot, but something BIG. Hopefully, an interview on a talk show.... and not a Springer or Judge Judy moment. Someday, I'll be on tv - plugging my book. 

A romantic picnic, on a most beautiful day... with nothing but trees and grass and water around me. Just a special time, with someone I love. That would be most wonderful. And out of the blue, too - like a surprise. 

Change a child's life forever. Not sure yet how to accomplish this one, I suppose the universe will let me know the way to make this happen. 

Eat pizza in Italy. 

Make a million dollars on my book sales. 

Write words that help to heal.  

Be completely self-sufficient. 

Visit Rockefeller Center to see the tree at Christmas.

Get caught in a hailstorm. 

Meet the Dalai Lama.

Receive a 'slow clap' for something extraordinary and FABULOUS.

See the DC monuments at nightfall. 

Travel. Everywhere. And meet, everyone. 

Have an EPIC adventure!

Live in a beautiful house by the beach. I can see this house whenever I close my eyes, it's like it's already there. 

Swim with the dolphins.

Talk less. 

Listen more. 

Heal hearts and spirits.

Change the world, one person at a time - one moment, at a time. 

Marry my soulmate. 

That's all I have time for now... and I'm going to do every single one of these.