Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Across the Universe

The lady from the garden center said it would never bloom again... but something inside, told me otherwise... 


Because everything in this universe is unlimited in potential... in hope... and in its capacity to become something much greater than what was originally expected, or as of yet unseen... the only thing that separates our hope to become from the reality of what we are... is our own intention. 

This rose never lost its belief that it would one day bloom magnificently...

And in doing so, would cause someone to pause and think and to wonder why ~ that not all of the 'roses' of this world aren't also blooming in the same way... because, we all have this same capacity, to set intent and create our own reality.


My garden is filled with these such beautiful things, who started once, as seedlings... buried deep into the earth... with no direction, no guidance, nothing at all to pull them to *being*... just one hope, one dream, and the capacity to *always believe*.

The sun will be there to greet you - so long as you always believe. Flowers don't ever *think* about blooming, they just bloom.

To some I may seem the silliest of dreamers, jumping off without much caution - or, perhaps holding on, when I should, by all other standards of logic and practicality, be letting go... 

But something compels me to this path - this unseen force, always there nudging me, almost as if it knows the way. And so it goes, this, my most amazing life - where everything has its place, and purpose along a greater journey of what is me... I don't think often think about the how, rather in my mind I see the 'how wonderful'.

Sometimes knowing can be the most powerful thing.

listening to... The Beatles, "Here, There, and Everywhere"