Monday, September 10, 2012

Random Ramblings

Tonight was such a cool, crisp night. The sense of fall, and all its 'flavor' is gently slipping in ~ how did it come to be, this chill in the air? Silently sneaking its way in ~ so as not to draw notice to its arrival, no pomp nor circumstance. Fall is just that way ~ like an old friend, who slips in during the middle of a dark night... thinking he's gone unnoticed...but *I* noticed, because I was waiting. Waiting for just this night to light a wood fire, and enjoy the sound and scent of crackling wood logs...leaning close to watch the flames lick up and swirl, as they 'dance' in front of me. Such a fine performance, and I am transfixed. And as the flames gently lull me to an almost-sleep, I yawn and stretch and thank the day and welcome my Fall friend. And as I walk away, the scent of wood smoke follows me in and carries me away to my bed ~ where it will linger just long enough to carry me to my most deepest dreams...

Hello, Fall - I've missed you my friend.