Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Poem for the Night

I saw a green flash at sunset,
as the sun knelt down and hid it's head behind the horizon wall..
it leapt towards me, this bold display - and touched my cheek..
a gentle brush.. as I would have imagined the sun's breath to have felt,
as it stretched forward, and heaved it's final sigh for a day, spent so long...

And as the twilight artist glanced his brush furiously against the dwindling sky -
and lit the sky on fire - with these, his most brilliant hues..
In that moment, I realized I had been watching a miracle ~ 
of a skilled master baring his soul for all to *see* -
in these, the most glorious of things, that surround us in each and every way.

- Copyright 2012, Tara Lemieux