Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sh*t I Learned from Billy Preston

Yep, so I'm a child of the 70's - which means, my sphere of influence is chock full of very random, and often completely unrelated, but yet always color-filled experiences and images. Many most-gratefully leaving their longest lasting impressions. Being a child of the 70's is the reason I prefer spending my time wandering about outdoors, and probably the root cause of my constant state of 'barefootedness'... and, perhaps might explain my love of cheese products over the fancy foo-foo varieties I see at the market... and, upon careful reflection, might also be the basis for my most recent purchase, a vintage Rock'em, Sock'em Robots set. These are just a few of the many reason I am now, and will always be, such a hippie at heart. 

So today, in honor of my inner hippie... I pay homage today to Billy Preston.. whose music helped to fill and shape my little hippie heart. Thank you, Mr. Preston, I learned a lot of sh*t from you.

1. There is *no* such thing as a 'bad hair day'. Hair should fly free, in all directions - with the wind blasting through it. It should never be shmootzed down; tethered, tormented, and otherwise spritzed to its breaking point; it should be an expression of you, yourself, your spirit, your most individual YOU. And the same thing goes for you, and your own spirit. Fly free, and stop worrying about what that mirror is telling you. Remember, it's opinion is only really your own after all.

 2. Happiness has a beat, BOUNCE to it. I always loved watching Billy onstage, because the music just seemed to come through him. No fancy acoustics, no light shows... no lip syncs... just a man with his hand directly on the 'pulse' of the music. And, when Billy sang - he literally 'bounced'... you could tell he was all joy in that moment. Not too many artists out there today, who can so effortlessly tap into the real 'beat' of the music... happiness has that 'beat', too. Never be afraid to 'bounce' to your own beat. Feel it, own it, and live it. Always.
3. When the American Idol Judges tell you to 'make it your own', refer to Billy Preston's cover of the Beatles song "Blackbird" as your benchmark. 
Also, "make it your own" applies to all things in life and living, including bubble baths and impromptu Ninja fights... but most of all, it applies to you. Make it your own, in all things you say, and do... never, ever, ever, EVER be afraid to apply your 'stamp' to even the silliest things... like forever and faithfully eating only the pecans out of your favorite butter pecan ice cream.. or going 'frosting first', on the cupcake (it's only a delivery system anyway). "Make it your own" - applies to all things and everything. 

Billy Preston's, "Blackbird" 

4. You really do gotta have something, if you wanna be with me. It's not about setting your standards too high, or, becoming some version of an elitist snob you've always not admired.. rather, it's most about surrounding yourself with the people and things that bring you the most joy and love and happiness. Because, in the end, we are the gatekeepers to everything in our lives and spirits and souls. Find what makes your heart smile, and live in it!

5. And finally, Joy is all around you - smile until your face hurts. Because, life should just be that way... :)

xo for now, and namaste 

ps - and just so we're clear... there really is a limit to the fantastic and phenomenal stretching power of Stretch Armstrong... just so we're clear.