Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Actually, I Can." Said the Little Boy Who Wouldn't Take "No".

Source: via Tara on Pinterest

“Impossible dreams don’t know they are impossible.” – Walt Disney

Ronald McNair grew up in Lake City, South Carolina—and at a time in which our Nation was suffering from its greatest civil unrest.

All Ronald ever wanted to be growing up, was an astronaut—which was probably the basis for many a school boy dream.

He spent hours looking over the photos and articles of his greatest heroes, and dreamed in a way that no one else dare.

But sadly, it seemed—and in spite of his endless enthusiasm and hope, there was no one around him who would believe.

Well, in 1984, he realized this impossible school boy dream when, as a physicist, he became a crew member for the Challenger STS-41-B mission.

On January 28, 1986 (a day I will never forget), Ronald and the entire crew of a later Challenger mission (STS-51-L) perished when the shuttle exploded just seconds after take off.

This is a one of the many stories shared to us by Ronald’s brother, Carl. He laughs as he retells a story of a 9 year old boy who refused to leave a “Whites Only” Library until it was that he would be able to check out his books.

Those were Ronald’s very first science books—and spoiler alert, he got everything that he ever dreamed of, and more.

Enjoy, and let us always be reminded how even the tiniest of hearts can effect the greatest changes of all.

Bonus Poem on Rising Above it All:

“….watch me rise like smoke from fire.
Watch me fly above your hate.
Watch me dance upon your meanness
like a ballerina with posture; grace.
Watch me laugh over your hatred;
watch me soar above your sea of grief.
And know that I am out there somewhere…
C R U S H I N G.” ― Coco J. Ginger