Monday, January 7, 2013

On Being Sick and Friendship.

My apologies to all and everyone who have been sitting here waiting for a post. I had all good intentions to share love with each of you everyday ~ but sometimes, life can get in the way of even our best intentions. 

Last night, my dearest friend in this whole wide world - put a few things into perspective for me... suffice to say, there is much to think of and over... and I feel a bit that I've lost my writing spirit and hope. 

So, I'm going to have to take a little time away to tend to my wounds, and try my best to heal from my recent surgery... and pray that health and healing will come my way.

As always, I send my love to each of you and hope that your patience will be here waiting for me when I return. 

May the gratitude that is within you, become the blessings that surround you... *namaste* and with all my love...