Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The First Day Back to "Upright"

How much we take for granted, these little things that come so effortlessly into our day. We manage them almost in passing, we've done them so many millions of times - they become as effortless as breathing.

And then the bottom drops - and you find yourself spending 45 minutes of hard core effort and ingenuity just to put on a bra - in the end, fashioning a MacGuyver like device using last years Christmas decorations 'hangers', duct tape, and a long piece of minty waxed dental tape.

*Don't judge me.*

And so it goes, day one of being 'upright' after surgery ~ and I am knock-me-on-my-ass 'humbled'. It's amazing how sometimes life events, which at first seem so difficult and cruel can be the first step at acquiring a new 'life's lens'... I am beginning to see everything in a different light... the little things I do each day, the feel of Nudnick loyally posted at my side since I have been home... and the actions of those around me. It's always eye-opening.

So today, is a day of making changes - and for the first time, these changes will be selfishly and all for me. Because I deserve it.

Don't we all... ?