Sunday, March 25, 2012

About change...

A very dear from mine passed away yesterday morning. The news of her death came quite suddenly, and, as if out of nowhere...leaving us all standing around with jaws hanging, wondering... how did something like this ever enter this day?

But change never pauses. It never stops to explain why, or to offer reason.. or to provide warmth and comfort. It passes through just as quickly as it began, and that moment is over. Every moment, is change - some, most wonderful.. and other, like this... can be a little more difficult, but never unbearable.. so long as we look to find the good in all of it. 

So today, instead of being so terribly sad at her passing - I've decided to think of all the ways she has brought change to my life... in such a loving, and wonderfully powerful way... those little moments that transform who we are.. 

In knowing you, I have changed ~  the way that I giggle and laugh ~ loudly enough to disturb everyone else in the room, because.. as you once said, nobody can really resist a great big laugh (no matter how hard they try). Also, snorting is 'ok' - even if something comes out, though unpleasant, it's still good for later conversation (i.e. "remember that time you laughed so hard milk shot out your nose). 

I learned when hugging people, you need to squeeze them until their voice changes a bit ~ not too much, or they'll pass out... but just strong enough, and long enough that they understand how very much you love them. Never pass up an opportunity to hug someone ~ hugs are the most wonderful form of non-speaking appreciation we can ever share with another human being. And, it's universal ~ there are no language gaps, or cultural barriers.. even the monkeys hug. They get it, too.

Always make sure your house is a 'home' to everyone. No person should ever feel unwelcome ~ and not matter how hard times may be, there should always be an extra place set at the table. If anything you taught me, that strangers are just friends we haven't yet met. 

When you listen, listen fully and with your heart. Be present, pay attention, and let the other person have the joy of your undivided attention. The joy you can give by simply lending a kind ear ~ is a gift that will always last in the heart of that other person. They will always remember that one time you 'just listened' while they opened their heart. No voice in this world should ever go 'unheard'. 

It's ok to make mistakes, even the big ones. We all make mistakes, screw up, fall down..  mess up being all reason and recognition.. and occasionally, even the most sophisticated gal will come out of the ladies room with her skirt hiked up into her hose. It happens, to the best of us... don't dread it, rejoice in it. It's those little moments that we remember most, because.. it's in those moments, the big 'whoops's.. that we learn, the very most about ourselves and our loved ones. Welcome those mistakes - they're sometimes one of the greatest ways to grow.

Be grateful, for everyone. And let them know it, everyday. Even to the extent of annoying them, because.. sometimes in the moments when they're no so very annoyed, they will think to you and smile. It's just sometimes the way that this works... the learning comes after the lesson. Everyday, I'm grateful... for everything, and everyone. 

It's ok to dance like a fool - move your whole body, and take up the better part of the dance floor. So, kick of your shoes... and, well... always check to make sure your skirt is not hiked up into the back of your hose. Even if it is, it's still ok. 

Don't ever apologize for loving someone. Love is the greatest single power of our universe ~ it has the ability to stop wars.. to end suffering.. and to bring pure joy to this world. We are born to love. Love is the foundation of all human spirit. When we break away from our true spirit... and deny love.. that's when all the trouble begins..

And lastly... when living life, life with your whole heart, whole body, whole spirit... never spend one moment dwelling on the 'what might have been's... every single day, is a gift never to be wasted... fill it completely with the people and things that make your heart smile in the greatest of possible ways. Whatever it is you want to do - do it now.. because, once that moment is passed.. it will never come around again. 

And though, I'm going to miss you ~ I won't be lonely, because.. these pieces of you will forever be part of me.